Theraputic Approach

My theoretical orientation guides me in assessing the specific needs that are unique to my clients and how to best help them with those issues.

My approach is based on a variety of theories, including The Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy (PACT) and The Differentiation model:

  • The Differentiation model was developed by David Schnarch, PhD. – author of: Constructing the Sexual Crucible, Passionate Marriage, Resurrecting Sex and Intimacy and Desire.
  • The Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy (PACT) model was developed by Stan Tatkin, PH.D, author of: Wired for Love, Love and War in Intimate relationship and Your Brain on Love. This model integrates the science of the latest brain studies and attachment theory.

To learn more about what I do as a PACT therapist, and what is Differentiation, please go to the Couples and Intimacy page.

In my 30 years of experience I have worked with many couples, individuals, and children using various theoretical modalities. I use my knowledge and experience to customize the best approach for each situation. I find the Differentiation Model and the PACT Model to be most effective in getting to the heart of the issues and the dynamics that exist in each relationship.

Often marital problems present an opportunity to develop a greater differentiation, a stronger sense of who we are, and a more effective way of relating to our partner. This includes knowing our partner, his or her habitual responses and responding in a way that deepens intimacy and closeness.
Therapy is a relational experience. As I work with you in my office, I use my observation skills, insights and intuitions as tools to help you understand your internal processes and dynamics.

I believe that problems are “messages” … they present us with an opportunity to examine ourselves and find better ways to interact and strengthen our relationships. In a confidential and supportive environment we can discuss your concerns and how to best achieve your desired goals.