Collaborative Divorce in San Mateo

We can’t change the Fact that People Divorce…

We can change the way they Divorce.

Divorce is a fact of life for about half of all marriages. Unfortunately, the personal turmoil that accompanies the end of relationships is equally widespread. Diminished self-esteem, persistent hostility, reduced productivity and strained relationships among spouses and their children often result.

What is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative Divorce offers divorcing couples an alternative to this picture. It is a new approach built upon mutual problem-solving. In Collaborative Practice, the parties pledge in writing to work toward an agreement without going to court. For more information, see

Collaborative Practice (Collaborative Divorce) is a solutions-oriented approach that seeks to preserve the long-term interests of families. It differs from conventional divorce in that couples pledge in writing to work toward an agreement without going to court. In addition, Collaborative Practice may offer the spouses and their lawyers the option of an expanded team. Divorce coaches, child specialists and financial consultants, as appropriate, help the couple focus on what is truly important for the future. Dignity and self-esteem are restored, and the well-being of the family is preserved.

What I can do for you as a Divorce Coach

Divorce may involve emotional issues that can impact the divorce process. Divorce coaches assist clients to more effectively manage emotions throughout the divorce process resulting in better communication and agreements

As a divorce coach I can help you with following skills:

  • Effective communication
  • Managing reactivity to stress
  • Advocacy for yourself
  • Co-parenting
  • Parenting plan so children’s voice is heard throughout the process

Effective communication

A divorce coach will assist in establishing a structured communication system with your spouse to:

  • Make the divorce process easier for you and your children
  • Help to co- parent after the settlement
  • Develop strategies to present your ideas and concerns so you will be understood
  • Assist you in understanding your spouse‚Äôs concerns so they feel heard

Managing reactivity to stress

Throughout the divorce process it is important for you to participate in meetings being the best you can be. A divorce coach can assist you in:

  • Gaining awareness or your emotions
  • Managing difficult emotions
  • Managing your reactivity to your spouse and your stress
  • Increasing your effectiveness throughout the divorce process.

Advocacy for yourself

A divorce coach will assist you to identify what your want for yourself and others in the divorce process and be able to express them in an assertive and clear manner.


As a divorce coach I will assist you to learn new ways to cooperate as parents living in two different homes.

Parenting plan

As a divorce coach I will help you develop a co-parenting plan based on your children’s wants and needs. The divorce coach will assure your children have a voice throughout the divorce process.