Divorce Coaching |10 Requests Children of Divorce Want Their Parents

Children in Divorce | Edna Avraham, MFTYour children are often flooded with emotions and concerns they cannot articulate during and after a divorce.

Here are the 10 Requests that children of DIVORCE have for their parents

  • Do not talk badly about my other parent—this makes me feel torn apart.
  • Do not talk to me about child support—it makes me feel guilty and worried.
  • Do not make me feel bad when I enjoy my time with the other parent– I want to be able to share things with you.
  • Do not argue in front of me or on the phone when I can hear you! – This makes me feel trapped.
  • Do not ask me to keep secrets from the other parent—secrets make me feel anxious and bad.
  • Do not send messages with me to my other parent—it makes me afraid of their reaction.
  • Do not blame my other parent for the divorce—it makes me feel in the middle, wanting to protect you and defend them. I just want to be a kid. 
  • Do not ignore my other parent during my school or sports activities. –This makes me feel sad and embarrassed.
  • Do not use guilt to pressure me to love you more –let me love both of you.
  • DO not ask me where I want to live—I have two homes and would like to see both of you as much as possible. I feel calmer when you are flexible and friendly with each other.


Adapted from Boyan & Termini, Cooperative Parenting institute, 2009